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Ricardo graduated in design at the Higher School of Art and Design (Escola Superior de Arte e Design) in the city of Caldas da Rainha, in Portugal. After ten years of experience as an industrial designer, he started his professional activities as a producer of art exhibitions at the Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art Gallery. Between 2009 and 2014, he was an art director’s advisor at the Berardo Collection Museum (Museu Colecção Berardo), where he produced several temporary art exhibitions and co-ordinated the awarding of the BES Photo photography prize.

Rebeca read journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC – SP) and worked as a freelance photographer. She started as a curatorship and production assistant at the Museum of Image and Sound (Museu Imagem e do Som– MIS) in São Paulo, and was also a producer during the International Photography Month, an event organised by NAFOTO. From 2001 to 2015, she developed, in the role of partner, a wide range of assembly work and other projects, at the companies Espaço Ophicina and IDEIAS – Assemblage Solutions (IDEIAS – Soluções em Montagens).

Davi is a graduate in Commercial Management from the Anhembi Morumbi University. He has experience in team management, financial planning, and commercial relations, and became part of the SOMAR project to further strengthen the commercial side of the business.

” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts ”


SOMAR is a company specialised in the production of projects for contemporary art and design. We develop tailor-made solutions, with the optimisation of technical, human and financial resources through a careful selection of raw materials, suppliers and partners.

Our current products and services are:
-       Production of artisanal and customised frames made of wood, metal, and acrylic.
-       Commercialisation of products for the artistic and museum markets.
-       Services for framing works of art, site-specific projects, and audio-visual projects.
-       Development of expository project, production management and planning, and technical consultancy.

SOMAR was set up in 2015 by Ricardo Custódio and Rebeca Novaes, both of whom had distinct yet complementary professional experiences.



Our commercial proposal is to offer relevant solutions to the artistic and museum markets.


Bringing together specialised labour and high-quality raw materials, we conceive and produce all kinds of frames for works of art. All our products are tailor-made, to size and with customised finish for each kind of work.
-       Frames in solid wood and in wood veneer
-       Frames in acrylic
-       Frames in aluminium and iron

* We recommend that the requests for quotes be made in person, to ensure a fair and suitable price matching your needs.


ARTGLASS glass allows one to see what is really important: the work of art. Well acclaimed for its technical qualities for preservation of Works of art, glass from the ARTGLASS range is widely used by artists, art galleries, and museums.
-       Total transparency, without any changes in colour or optical distortion.
-       Highly efficient optical treatment against reflection;
-       Protection against ultraviolet rays: 70%, 90% and 99%
-       Resistant to scratches, and highly durable
-       Laminated glass with 99% protection against ultraviolet rays

* Available for immediate delivery: 1200x1600x2 mm and 1580x2230x3 mm. 
Other sizes and special cuts available upon request.


Artglass acrylic has the same characteristics of Artglass glass:
-       Total transparency, without any changes in colour or optical distortion.
-       Highly efficient optical treatment against reflection;
-       99% Protection against ultraviolet rays
Artglass acrylic is recommended for the protection of large works of art, and for art exhibitions and showcases of museums. 

* Available for immediate delivery: 1000x1500 and 2000x1500 mm, with a thickness of 3 mm. Other sizes and special cuts available upon request.


With our experienced and creative team, we develop solutions for different types of works of art, and also assembly of works of art and site-specific projects.
We establish partnerships with qualified professional people, for the projects and for the different technical consultancies that the market requires.


The assembly of a work of art is a highly complex process that needs specific care at different stages, starting with the initial service that involves technical knowledge and aesthetic awareness; then passes through the careful handling and selection of appropriate materials; and ends with detailed finishes.
What will you find in our assembly work?
-       Customised and creative service;
-       Careful and specialised handling;
-       Many possibilities for assembly;
-       Carefully crafted and detailed finishing;
-       Acid-free and alkali-free paper; Inert and long-lasting materials;
-       Tapes, glues and adhesives: all these are adequate for preservation.
-       Assembly with tapes or corner brackets (reversible assembly);
-       Cold sticking (permanent assembly) on a wide range of supports, according to the needs and the characteristics of the work projects. All our work is carried out with the support of restorers, preservation specialists, and other technicians.


Development of expographic projects and production planning, with monitoring and management of all processes.
We work in partnership with several project areas (architect and designer) and have any other technical partnerships as are necessary, including lighting, acoustics, and audio-visuals.
We also prepare and carry out exhibition objects, according to the project’s specific needs.


Preventive technical counselling for works of art, and technical visits with the support and the partnership of restoration specialists, preservation specialists, and all types of specialised technicians.
-       Canvas
-       Drawings
-       Engravings
-       Photographs
-       Other supports and miscellaneous materials


Rua Delfina, 305
Vila Madalena
05443-010 São Paulo

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  
+55 11 2361 1023
+55 11 2361 1068
+55 11 2366 1120

We work with institutional clients, cultural spaces, and commercial venues, such as Instituto Inhotim; SESC; MASP, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Instituto Moreira Salles, Casa da Imagem; Galeria Jaqueline Martins; Casa Triângulo; Galeria Nara Rosler; Room 8, Galeria Leme; Galeria Fortes D´Aloia&Gabriel; Galeria Mendes Wood DM: Galeria Jaime Portas Vilaseca. We carry out services for products and projects, with many artists and private clients.

if want to see some of our participation at exhibitions and works: